Whitney McLaren


Alaska has been my home since 2005 when I moved here with my family from Montana. After a short time away attending college out of state, I was drawn back to Alaska for its beauty and opportunity. I began working as an Archeologist during the summers in Delta Junction and attending classes at UAF in the winter. Photography started as an elective for me in school but resulted in a new passion.

I spent countless evenings hunting for the Northern Lights and in 2014 I followed the Yukon Quest alongside a fellow photographer capturing an amazing journey of man and dog on a 1,000-mile race. I was hooked. The Yukon Quest combined so many of passions that I had grown to love. This opened my eyes to dog mushing! I have now been an official photographer for the Yukon Quest since 2014.

At a critical point in my photography journey I adopted two Alaskan Huskies. I couldn’t help but capture their personalities and document their growth.  To own one husky is to have a companion, to own two is to have a small pack. At that point why not have a team! I am now “owned” by eight loveable huskies. After photographing my own dogs, as well as dogs of friends, I had found my niche. Photographing dogs became a passion. Alongside photographing the Yukon Quest, dog portraits became a great way to capture that passion for everyone who loves their dogs as much as I love mine.