I travel along races, capturing moments that usually only the mushers can see. I’ve been a race photographer for the Yukon Quest– one of the toughest sled dog races in the world– since 2014. Check out some of the other races I have photographed across Alaska.

2020 Jr North American Championships

2020 race photos, uploaded in real time.
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2020 Yukon Quest

For the seventh year I was fortunate enough to follow the Yukon Quest as one of the official photographers. The field was much smaller this year but the temperatures weren’t as cold as previous years, both of which added their own challenges to covering the race. This link has photos from other official photographers as well, check them out!
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2019 Two Rivers 100/ 200

Though the Two Rivers 100/ 200 did not follow the Yukon Quest trail exactly, it was so nice to get to see parts of the trail, and the Two Rivers checkpoint in the DAYLIGHT.
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2019 Yukon Quest

The race has its own challenges when it comes to logistics and weather, but the organizers, volunteers, mushers, and dogs are what makes this race great. No matter where you sit in the line up, each person embarks on their own Quest.
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