Race Photography Package


Mushing fans and mushers! 

Whitney McLaren Photography is offering race coverage to mushers! Some races will be photographed solo by Whitney while others will be in collaboration with other photographers. We love following your race as much as you love running it (we have a love/hate relationship too—we know you know what we’re talking about!)

Again extending the following offer for race and season coverage that can be applied to individual mushers or kennels as a whole:

  • A fee of $75 includes three (3) full-res photos for one race. (multiple packages can be purchased)
  • Additional individual photos available for $60 each.


  • A fee of $200 for 10 photos from the season of races that we cover. (multiple packages can be purchased)
  • Additional individual photos available for $60 each.

In all cases

  • These images are of your choosing and must be chosen within 30 days of the last race of the season. 
  • What you can use the images for: 
    • Print(s) that you plan to GIVE to a sponsor, family member or print for your own home. 
    • Web use to promote yourself, kennel and the sport that has been curated as an advertisement for you and/or your kennel.
  • You CANNOT use these images for resale or advertisement for other agencies without permission. Your sponsor CANNOT use these images for resale or advertisement. The images MAY NOT be submitted to a newspaper, magazine or other publication without prior consent of the photographer that captured the image. You cannot print the photos on merchandise to be sold without proper permissions and/or compensation to the photographer because additional usage fees and agreements apply. 

If you wish to be followed, we must know prior to the first team leaving the start line of that race. This offer is also available to fans, sponsors and family who would like to receive images of a team on the trail. 

Races listed will be followed partially or in entirely dependent on logistics and coverage requests.

If I have enough additional coverage requests for other races then we would love to cover those as well! If you are running a different race and are interested in additional coverage, or if you have other custom requests, please select the “custom” option and then contact me at wmphotographyak@gmail.com.

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